Sand Filter
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Sand Filters

Crystal Clear Water with Little Effort

AquaGuard high-rate sand filters offer leading edge technology for unparalleled efficiency, flow & serviceability. The robust slotted laterals with rotational design allow for simple installation and outstanding performance. The seven position operating valve provides simple operation and dependability.



  • Simple to operate and maintain, built with long-term reliability in mind
  • Maximum water clarity with extra deep sand bed for long filter runs and efficient backwashing
  • Top mount 7-position 1½” multi-port valve features pressure gauge & relief valve, all for simple operation
  • Filtration performance is enhanced by the rotational laterals that allow for water to be exposed to the maximum sand surface area




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Model Filter Diameter Filtration Areas Req. Sand Flow-Rate Turnover Rate @ 8 hrs Turnover Rate @ 10 hrs
AGSF16 16” 1.40 sq.ft. 100 lb 35 GPM 16,800 gal 21,000 gal
AGSF19 19” 1.80 sq.ft. 150 lb 40 GPM 19,200 gal 24,000 gal
AGSF24 24” 2.30 sq.ft. 300 lb 60 GPM 28,800 gal 36,000 gal