UltraTherm Heat Pumps for In-Ground Pools

The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Pool

This is the best time to invest in a heat pump with our full-featured, energy saving AquaGuard heat pumps. Consistently heat your pool and extend your swim season with our full line of heat pumps.



  • PRO Smart Control Panel, the most innovative and adaptable on the market today
  • Self Diagnostic codes and high temperature lock-out features
  • Automatic defrost mode allows for heat pump to operate in temperatures as low as 38°
  • Compatible with all control systems
  • 100% pure, commercial-grade titanium heat exchanger for corrosion-free operation




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Features UT50UT80UT112UT127
Cooling Mode OptionYesYesNoNo
Heat Exchanger ConstructionTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitanium
Temperature ControlDigitalDigitalDigitalDigital
Ideal for Pools Up To: (Gallons)16,00026,00028,00035,000
Remote Capability2 & 3-Wire2 & 3-Wire2 & 3-Wire2 & 3-Wire
Performance Testing Results
*(80°F air / 80°F water / 80% RH)BTU/hr50,00083,000112,000127,000
**(80°F air / 80°F water / 63% RHBTU/hr47,50079,000107,000118,000
**(50°F air / 80°F water / 63% RH)BTU/hr29,00050,00077,00079,000
Voltage Required230/208 V230/208 V230/208 V230/208 V
*Operating Current10 Amps20 Amps26 Amps29 Amps
Recommended Circuit Breaker20 Amps25 Amps50 Amps50 Amps
Maximum Circuit Breaker30 Amps30 Amps60 Amps60 Amps
Minimum Water Flow Rate25 GPM25 GPM25 GPM25 GPM
Maximum Water Flow Rate80 GPM80 GPM80 GPM80 GPM
DimensionsW x D x H31"x31"x34"31"x31"x34"35"x35"x39"35"x35"x43"
Net Weight (lb)170 lbs.230 lbs.285 lbs.290 lbs.

* Ratings outside scope of AHRI1160
** Ratings in accordance with AHRI1160
The AquaGuard H/C model heat pump will automatically heat or cool your pool water based on the temperatures you set