Above Ground Pool Pump

Unparalleled Motor Technology

The AquaGuard above ground pool pump is designed to meet the demands of any above ground pool.
This pump features the TEFC motor design which offers unmatched quiet performance, extended motor life & outstanding flow to keep your pool clean for many seasons.



  • Low amp TEFC motor technology, a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor which offers unmatched quiet operation
  • Motor life is extended with the totally enclosed design by preventing debris from entering the motor
  • Includes unions for installation, making service a snap
  • Extra-large strainer basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum
  • Self Priming




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Model,HP,AMP,Cord Type,Inlet/Outlet

AG10063,1.0,7.3,6ft Standard,1.5″ w/ unions
AG15063,1.5,7.7,6ft Standard,1.5″ w/ unions
AG20063,2.0,9.0,6ft Standard,1.5″ w/ unions
AG1003T,1.0,7.3,3ft Twistlock,1.5″ w/ unions
AG1503T,1.5,7.7,3ft Twistlock,1.5″ w/ unions
AG2003T,2.0,9.0,3ft Twistlock,1.5″ w/ unions

Above Ground / On-Ground Pools